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One night a man was passing through a light post, moving toward dark-black road. Moon was full on that night. Stars were like singing to impress moon. Man was in black shirt and as he was walking in dark so hardly you can see his face. Within few minutes some small water drops were falling from sky. It was raining. So atmosphere became more romantic. Suddenly man stopped, turned and shouted i cannot live without you. He came back few steps and again stopped. This time you can see his face. He was full of tears in his red eyes; those were dropping down and vanished in rains. He was coming from his girl friend’s home. They both madly loved each other. Like every collage boys and girls they were promised to get married without thinking anything. As time was going their love become more passionate. But due to such a strong love they were expecting more from each other. Which was not possible to make for both of them. Hence they were lacking respect of each other. And this was counting. Due to continual disrespect their love shadows were getting brighter. Someone said ” love is like moon- either it get full or become zero”. Disrespect started quarrel between both of them but they could not figure out this. Girl was feeling that they were getting apart but as she loves that man so she could not mention him. Till then their love was lost in their expectation, disrespect, quarrel and anger. And at that day something happened what they both were not expected for.

That day was birthday of that girl. Both were so happy. Man had purchased a golden ring, which was desired by his girlfriend. But as she did not have much money so she was not able to take that. So man was purchased that ring and a nice evening gown. At sharp 7 o’ clock he had at her door and he knocked. When she opened the door she found him lovely roses in his left hand and gifts in his right hand. He gave the roses to her and they hugged. Girl was delighted when she opens the gifts. She jumped after seeing that ring. She was just out of the world. Man said her “you supposed to put this dress”. But girl refused, she replied she will try it some another time. As she was wearing a dress given by her mom for her birthday. Man insists her some more time but she again denied. This time man shouted on her ” how come you do this at least put this for tonight only. But girl find him very rude on her birthday. Both were shouting on each other. Man gone mad by anger, and he shouted if you not gonna to put this within 5 minutes, he gonna be break up with her. He not said it by heart; he just said it in anger. But due to ego and anger girl said “ok fine. Then i will kill myself. My dead body may be give you some relief.” both were crying but as ego was still there no one back out. Man said angrily ok go ahead. I want to know how much guards you have. And after saying this he went to bathroom to wash his face. Few minutes later he came in room, and he find himself bloodless. His angel was lying on the floor. The knife which was for cake cutting was stabbed by her near her heart.  Her pink lips were gone blue. He could not feel her last breath. He hold her hand, slowly took her head in his cold lap, and said “what i have done”. He kissed her closed eyes. Few salted tears he could feel through his dry lips. He left that place few minutes later and start walking toward unknown destination. As he was looking back at that point of time and screaming. He could not able to listen that car’s horn. He just saw two lights were coming from his back. And he falls on that wet road. He spoke two sentences “I LOVE YOU – I DO RESPECT YOU.  And he closed his eyes. Disrespect, anger and ego ruined two hearts.

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