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What is bad LUCK?

That day was a dark day of my life. And its not for me only its about other three pals, Prithu Sanyal, Samrat and pritam) of mine.  May be you guys gonna  find out bit  interesting, but I hope it will not come back again in my life. So now I m going to recall that day.

We plan for SundarBan (Kolkata ) on our weekend. It was  29th of November and day was Saturday. Me, Prithu and pritam are in same office and samrat is friend of prithu. As Sunday was close for us we decide to go for some fun in that jungle.  Pritam marik is our tour guide. Actually he has some of his relatives at that place. So we spoke them and told them we will reach at their place by Sunday 9.30AM. Than we will take a boat for SundarBan.  That day we closed our office bit earlier and run for packing and all.

It was 11.30PM, Prithu and Samrat came at my flat. That night was so cold. Then we had some normal chat and packed our stuffs  like chips, biscuits and other  necessary thing. By 12 o’clock samrat called Pritam but I dint take phone. He called him three times. We thought may be he was busy in something so u couldn’t . Again  40 minutes later I called him and this time he again miss the call, after five or six call we got frustrated and thought that he will not gonna to come with us. This will be disaster for us cozy  without him we not gonna to ride there.  Prithu is short tempered person. So he got angry on him,  he hardly controlled his anger . We told him to sleep. He was trying to sleep but we can see those sweat of anger  on his head. Our Train was from  Goria  by 4.15AM and it was 20 minuets far from my flat by Bike.  After few minuts  of watching TV I got sleep too. By 3 o’clock samrat told us to get ready. He called pritam again but no response from him. This time I tired and said we have to cancle our plan, but Prithu told us that lets ride to Goria station atleast. So we got ready and leave my flat by 3.20AM. When we were on the way of Goria, Pritam called us. I took a cold breath of joy. At last we reached Goria station and going toward our destination.

We all meet just beside of  Goria railway station.  Prithu told me to took tickets for us. But when I asked station master for tickets he gave me a surprise. He told me  coz of tickets  problem train was cancelled and first train to Joynagar will be by 8AM. You can imagine what was going in our heads.  Then we decide to go Esplaned and by bus we gonna reach joynagar. So we hired a taxi for Esplaned. It took 35 minuts to reach Esplaned. Time was 4.45AM. We asked some buses but no one was going to jaynagar. At last we found a bus, it was not going to joynagar but it will leave us at Diamond Harbour and from there only we find another vehicle for Joynagar. But bus gonna be start at 6 o’clock.  It’s a long time.  We took a cup of tea and keep waiting for bus to start. Finally bus got started by dot 6 o’clock.

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