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What is Love?

We all have a different perception about love. We all feel love as per our own pint of view. But ever who think, what exactly love stand for? In one of Dr. John Gray’s audio cassettes he defines love as follows: “Love is a feeling directed at someone who acknowledges their goodness.” Some say Love is patient, love is kind, love is sweet feeling. Love is one kind of addiction of a people to other people. Now you can think why I am saying love as addiction? Like we all love someone, we love our father our mom, sister and other family

member. Actually we not love them, we are addicted to them. So when our mom gets away from us for few days we feel sad and even we do not want to go our any family member to anywhere. In case of boyfriend and girlfriend the same formula is applied. They used to addict for each other, if they truly love each other. How many people you know that they have love at first sight? In first sight we have only infatuation. It’s not love. As I said love is addiction so, if you spend some time with any one you will be start loving that person. We all know there is a magnetic field between a male and a female. So this is very common addiction. And we are always addicted for something. But the amount of addiction will vary from things to things and person to person. How many girls you know that they use to talk with their father on phone for at least an hour every day. I do not think anyone is there. But think there is plenty of girls who use to talk with their boyfriend for minimum 3 hours in single day on phone. If they cannot able to talk they feel sad and angry. This means those girls do not love their father. No its not. They love, but the amount of addiction is less. Like a people who smoke four cigarettes in a day and parallel, another person smokes 20 cigarettes in single day. It’s a simple calculation that the addiction will vary from things to things. So we all are addicted to a people and we call it love. Yes I like to mention here that this addicted thing only for those people who truly love someone.

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