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Many couples going to the principle that love is a flame that can heat a cathedral, but it will eventually lose the details and romance, then this flame becomes smaller, and sometimes even off.

Saying I love you, feeling really is the best we can do to keep love alive. But with the changes that are not subject to form a pair often forget how important it is to feel loved and make our partner feel loved.

I’ve compiled five ways to say I love you without words that this flame does not continue on and let cool.

First, take the hand that we are always on the street, this shows that we like to be close and in touch. If you do not do test today, the contact of hand speaks of warmth and unity.

Second: Embrace your partner every time you want a hug says a lot, the heat transmitting a hug and spoke of protection is a sweet sensation. Hugs, hugs, hugs.

Third: Always look in the eye when talking with your partner, maintain eye contact when communication is made easier and clearer. Speaks of sincerity and trust.

Fourth: Many kisses are not over, kiss your partner at all times, do not hesitate to do Kiss her in the morning, afternoon and evening, converted it into a habit, like brushing their teeth for example. It is not just kissing erotic, but also tender kisses on the cheeks, forehead, hands, eyes, etc..

Fifth: Move with love notes, details, flowers, unexpected departures, romantic dinners, support during difficult times and in happy times. In defeat as in victory, this type of action makes it known to our partners that we are there at all times and that have us always. It shows that we care and love.

An Act of Love tells a thousand words that are in the wind, of course it does not say: I love you, I care

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