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I can’t stop thinking about you. You’re always on my mind like a favorite song. And I want to express how much I love you, but how can I begin to tell you how much joy you’ve brought to my life? Every time I think about you or hear your voice, I feel like a spark of life has been rekindled inside me, and suddenly I’m rediscovering myself and the world around me. I never realized that the stars sparkled so brightly or that that sunset held so much beauty. I never knew that I had so much beauty within… a beauty that was born the day we met and grow like a wild vine, entwining my heart to yours. You’ve awoken something grand inside of me, which I never want to part with. I don’t know what the future holds, but I can promise you that I will give you every ounce of love that this heart possesses to the very last breath of my being.

The moment i saw you cry. My world came crashing down. To see those tears fall from your eyes
turned my smile into a frown. I wanted to hold you. Make everything alright. But there was nothing i could do To stop you from crying tonight I felt like a failure To myself and to you But you said that was nothing That i could do I held you close And made your pain my own I tried to make it feel Like you were home You kissed me softly Said you would be alright But there was something in your eyes That had me worried that night And to this day i promise Not to let you cry alone And to take the pain you feel. And make it my own, but I cannot do that the same. I am so worried that how I can I live without you? But as I promise you I keep myself happy, somehow. But one thing I always can do is I pray for you. Bye my love for ever. This letter is till with me, I can’t give her,

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