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Is it love?

From last few months I am talking with a girl. Yes, she is so charming and gentle. She knows how to talk, how to make me comfortable. And I too like to talk with her. Whenever I got time I want to talk with her and if I am not able to talk I use to think about her. She too use to say me, she feels same as I am. But I cannot figure out is this love? Sometimes I feel this is love but again I realize how it can be possible to love someone to whom I have never seen. Yes it is, we have never seen each other. As we met on social network only so we do not have any interaction physically. We use to talk over net or over phone. I have not seen her yet and ever she. But what I realizing now after talking from last 6-7 months daily we are addicted to each other. I share almost each and everything with her. She too does same thing but not as much as I am. Because she is bit possessive about her personal relation. We are so nice to each other. Sometimes I use to say little lie to her only to impress her and I know even she does. Sometimes she can understand what I am thinking or what I am about to say. A day she told me I am I love with you. I know she means it. Even I feel it sometimes. But I am not sure I am in love or what. One thing I can assure that I love to talk with her, want to spend time with her. Whatever it is it is nice.
Hope some of you people out there has same story. If any of you can figure out what it is? Then please guys let me know.

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