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After studying from last three days i found may be problem is with Haret. Whichever haret we are using that is not designed for MSM7225 processor. According to haret site whenever you run haret.exe it should show “MSM7225” processor(correct me if i am wrong). But we are getting MSM7xxx,ARM,ARM6,MSM7500,MSM7200 or anything like these. One more thing i like to mention here MSM 7225 is based on “@Supported Instruction Set(s): ARMv6 and CPU Core: ARM1136EJ-S” . So may be ARMv6 in haret should work. The problem is MSM7225 do not has any separate co-processor as other MSM processor and haret it basically designed for those processor which has co-processor built in. So this gonna be little panic for CAPTAINKRTEK. But hope he will handle this.

Now zImage. Again we have to built zImage for this particular processor.

This thing we can extract from Android 2.2—codename: Froyo. This should work for us.

This should not be a big deal for us. We need to find only mtype.

It not gonna be any pain for us.

Comments on: "Android on HTC mega (touch 2)" (1)

  1. Hi.what status port android for htc touch2?What problem resolve to haret.exe. thanx

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